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Where to get help

Why not ask Copyright Circle?

The Copyright Circle can provide you with access to considerable experience in copyright matters of all kinds, gained over the last 19 years. The owner, Graham Cornish, has a world-wide reputation in copyright matters, has written books and journal articles on the subject and presented papers at numerous conferences. He has taught copyright in all the contexts listed below.

Copyright Circle can offer:
  • Onsite training tailored to your particular needs and interests
  • Help and advice with specific copyright problems
  • Representation on committees (internal or external) dealing with copyright issues
  • Texts for magazines, journals or in-house guidance notes
  • General workshops on copyright in any location
  • Support for projects and negotiations involving copyright
  • Up-to-date information on recent cases and European Directives
  • Papers for conferences, meetings and seminars and someone to present them
Organisations served include:
  • Pharmaceutical and chemical companies
  • Professional associations (UK and international)
  • Departments of Law and Information Science
  • Public library and archive services
  • National and international government agencies
  • Trade Union organisations
  • UK Higher Education facilities
  • Accountancy firms
  • Health Service Trusts and Hospitals
  • Specialist publishers
  • National and local charities
  • Specialist publishers
If you need help on any aspect of copyright law contact Copyright Circle using our contact box. Quotations for all kinds of copyright work are readily available.
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